There are only two photogalleries on this website, The Scale Model Project and Danish Plastic, both clear in what they’re about. There is more diversity in my photographs than meet the criteria for the two galleries however. Some photographs have been left out.

It occurred to me to shed some light on these choices now that this website is live.

I haven’t photographed action figures nearly enough to make a gallery solely of them. Nor black and white images, there are just a few of them.

The Alien Xenomorph action figure. The quality leaves much to improve but it looks great.

There are also studio photographs of the scale models I’ve built, just documentation of how they actually look like. This material would be fairly easy to expand a little, build volume. But perhaps this would be a bit catalogue-ish to make an entire gallery of.

There are also the posters I do from time to time but, again, not enough. They’re certainly worth a lengthy blog post of their own later.

Putting these all together to make one “Miscellaneous” gallery would create a restless mishmash of this and that, just what I tried to avoid with this whole thing. So, two galleries it is, clean and simple, prioritized. I won’t rule out that some day a third gallery might show up though. If I figure one out.